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Business Courses



Business Communications 

Learn effective communication strategies for your business across various platforms.

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NWL Business Basics 1

Learn the basics of business planning, legal entities, and market research involved in starting and managing a business.

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NWL Business Basics 2

Dive deeper into the essential aspects of starting and managing a business including competitor analysis, accounting basics, marketing strategies, and human resources.

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Building  Your Business Brand & Clan

Elevate your personal brand while mastering the art of effective networking. Explore personal brand development, cultivating meaningful relationships, and how to leverage their brand to enhance business growth.

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Presenting Your Business

Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to effectively present and communicate business ideas through business presentation and visual communication strategies.

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Personal Finances Courses 



NWL Book Keeping 101

This course covers the fundamental principles and practices of bookkeeping.

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Building Native Communities

Learn investment fundamentals and financial planning skills to make informed decisions to positively impact your business and your community.

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Leadership Courses



NWL Leadership

Develop the leadership skills to become a successful and impactful leader in business.

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NWL Pursue Your Passions

Obtain the skills and knowledge to navigate starting a business, including idea generation, market research, business planning, funding strategies, marketing, and effective execution.

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