Indigenous Women Leading the Way in Business and Leadership

At Native Women Launch, we stand in solidarity with the remarkable Indigenous women entrepreneurs who face distinct challenges on their journey, from launching and expanding businesses to accessing culturally inclusive leadership roles and personalized finance courses. Our Native Women Launch Program directly confronts these obstacles, offering comprehensive courses in business, leadership, and personalized finance, empowering our sisters to embrace their potential, forge their paths, and shape a future where their voices are heard and their ventures flourish.

Kaylene B.


Why Native Women Launch?

Empowering Indigenous Women to Thrive 

We believe in the power of Indigenous women to shape their destinies. Our mission is simple yet profound: to equip Indigenous women with the resources and knowledge they need to not only start but thrive in their businesses.

Igniting Dreams, Building Futures

Our circle of support at NWL holds immense power. We’re here to support, uplift, and champion you as you embark on your journey of entrepreneurship. Together, we light the flames of your dreams and help build the future you envision. 

Honoring Tradition, Cultivating Success

Rooted in the rich traditions of our ancestors, we honor our heritage as we pave new paths forward. Our courses are designed to blend traditional wisdom with modern business practices, ensuring that your ventures are not only successful but deeply rooted in cultural identity.